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What are Some of the Electrical Installation Services Love Plumbing, Air, & Electrical Provide?

Even when it all seems to be fine with your home’s electrical systems, problems can be present that could put you and your home’s safety at risk. Good news, Love Plumbing, Air, & Electrical knows what to look for & the solution to the problem.

If you notice any of the following, an electrical problem may be present then it’s time to call the professionals at Love Plumbing, Air, & Electrical for an electrical instillation:

Light Switches Not Working Properly?

Is your light switch not turning on or flickering when it does? Your South Carolina homes’ light switch issue may be stemming from an outlet, circit, or wiring problem.

Are Your Lights Too Bright or Dim?

If some lights around the house seem excessively bright or dim, there are two common causes. Different types of lights with different wattage levels can be an issue. But typically the problem stems from a bad or broken main neutral connection. This problem requires professional electrical replacement, so give Love Plumbing, Air, & Electrical a call before it’s too late.

Electical Lights & Appliance Systems in SC are Prone to Excess Electrical Usage & High Energy

If your house is over 5 years old there’s a possibility that you’re not using the most up-to-date and energy efficient lights, switches, and appliances. This could cause frequent circuit overloads & cost you extra $$$ every month.

Different Home Wiring Types Explained

An electrician apprenticeship starts as little as 100 hours in a trade school lab, all the way up to universities offering 4 year degrees. That’s how much training and knowledge goes into becoming a licensed electrician. But understanding the basics of your home electrical wiring doesn’t have to be so intensive.

If you’re doing a simple DIY project around the house, you should know about the types of electrical wire in a home. There are also common coding, sizing, and labeling you’ll need to understand.

Why You Need to Know About Your Home’s Electrical Wiring

If you’re doing any type of project around the house, understanding your home electrical wire can make the job easier.

You need to know about the types of electrical wire when you’re:

installing new wiring and need to know what type of wire to use

looking for electrical problems in your home (i.e. knowing the circuit that wiring belongs to can help you determine the cause of an issue)

doing any electrical repairs or remodeling

The Basics of Home Electrical Wire

Before we dive into the types of electrical wire, there are some basic terms, labeling, and coding you should know about. Understanding these can make your trip to the hardware store that much easier.

Planning makes all the difference

Whether it is a brand new building or a refurbishment, it‘s important to plan the electrical installations to the individual habits and requirements of the respective occupants. Asking some simple questions at the beginning avoids any overloading of circuits with multiple high-performance electrical appliances, or an increased use of connector strips.

Things to think about

Here are a few things to think about to allow architects, builders or electrical contractors to plan and implement the correct electrical infrastructure:

In which room do I use which electrical appliances?

Where should light sources be installed (both fixed and via sockets)?

Where are the TV, computer or telephone connections required?

Where should switches or control modules be installed for Smart Home functionalities?

Where are mobile devices usually charged and should special sockets with USB ports be installed?

How do I want to control the outdoor lighting?

You can then decide:

The number of circuits

The number of sockets

The number of lamp connections

The number of TV and communication connections

Preparation of electrical installations for Smart Home functions, such as multi-room audio systems, electric roller shutter control, alarm system

The planning is carried out on the basis of a construction plan or floor plan of the house or apartment that is as accurate as possible – either in the original or on the computer with corresponding group plan software.

Pay particular attention to doors and their opening direction, windows and stairs, and steps and fireplaces.

Planning your kitchen

The first room that is planned is usually the kitchen, due to the long delivery times for many of its features. For example with an open plan kitchen adjacent to the living room, place very specific requirements on lighting planning, and connections for ovens, microwave, extractor fans or freezer and refrigerator. Electrical planning is often carried out in a dimensioned plan when ordering a new kitchen, in order to ensure the correct implementation.


Copper is a well-known chemical element with atomic symbol Cu and atomic number 29. It has a beautiful red-orange metallic luster. In the modern days, this reddish metal is used in various areas like in the construction line as a building material, in roofing and plumbing, in industries as a raw material, as a constituent of various metal alloys, and most importantly in the electrical industry for making electrical copper wires that run through your New Haven home

Excellent Conductor of Electricity: Copper is an excellent conductor of electricity; no other metal can compete with it in terms of electrical conductivity. The wires made of this reddish metal are capable of carrying comparatively more electric current per diameter of wire. In other words, these wires deplete less electrical charge in comparison to other wires when electric current passes through them.

Very Ductile Metal: Copper is a very ductile metal, which means that it could be stretched to a good length without breaking or weakening it. This property is crucial from the point of view of drawing wires out of any metal. The reddish metal stands well on this parameter

Favorable Chemical Properties: The chemical properties of this metal go a great deal in making it an ideal element for making electrical wires. Copper’s favorable chemical properties make it resistant to abrasion and other bad effects that shorten the life of a wire. These wires can safely withstand adverse climatic conditions and thus last longer.

High Temperature Tolerance: As we know that electrical wires take current from one place to another. In such a situation, when high voltage current passes through a wire its surface temperature becomes high. There is constant rise and fall in the temperature of high-tension electric lines. Not every wire could sustain such fluctuation in temperature, but copper wire can. This special property makes these wires long-lasting.

Get Electrical Installation

Does your home or commercial building need electrical installation? Whether you need an electrical panel, a switch, an outlet, or an entire electrical system. You should not choose just any residential electrician to work on this important part of your home or building. A faulty electrical installation or problems with the wiring can cause serious harm.

The Importance of Picking the Right Electrical Installation Service

Installing electrical components can be difficult and even dangerous if not done correctly. We are one of the top electrical installation companies in the area. With over two decades of experience, you can count on us to get the job done right. We know how to offer the best electrical installation service. When you choose to work with our company, you can have confidence knowing your installation will last for many years to come.

If you have any issues, we will be more than happy to help you. We offer free estimates for our customers so you can gain a better idea of what the electrical installation service at your home or building will involve. Whether you need a circuit installed at your home or an electrical system redo at your commercial facility, we can help you. Don’t try to do this job on your own – it can be more dangerous than not doing anything at all.

What Is the Electrical Installation Cost?

When you choose to work with Dynamic Electrical Service, you will find the electrical installation cost is well worthwhile. Working with reputable, licensed and insured electrical contractors such as us will ensure that your home or building remains safe from potential electrical issues. We will efficiently and safely install everything you need so you can spend your time on something else.