Benefits Of Hiring A Good Immigration Lawyer


a distinguished law firm with offices across the United States. represents thousands of employers and individuals across the United Stated and around the world. has over forty immigration lawyers and paralegals covering the full spectrum of immigration services

Help employers sponsor foreign-born employees for work visas and green cards and assist them in complying with I-9 requirements as what to do when they receive a Notice of Inspection from the government.

assist individuals in getting E-2 treaty investor visas, H-1B professional visas, J waivers, L intracompany transferee visas, O visas for persons of extraordinary ability, P visas for athletes, artists and entertainers, R visas for religious workers and various other types of temporary working visas.

immigration lawyers help clients get green cards through employment, marriage, relatives, investment and asylum. also assist them in becoming citizens of the United States through naturalization or through their parents.

assist clients in obtaining green cards as EB-1 priority workers for persons of extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers and multinational executives and managers. also help them to qualify under EB-2 category as persons of exceptional ability, through national interest waivers or through PERM applications as advanced degreed professionals. assist clients in getting green cards in the EB-3 category through PERM or for those who qualify under one of the Schedule A shortage occupation categories.


Getting immigration advice

Complete the application form yourself

You can choose the visa you need using the Immigration website and complete the application form yourself with the information provided by Immigration

Engage a licensed immigration adviser

You can engage a licensed immigration adviser to assist you with your visa application but they must have a current licence.

Before engaging an adviser, check the register of licensed immigration advisers to make sure the person you are engaging has a valid immigration adviser licence. Check the licence expiry date and type of licence (some advisers may only be able to advise on limited areas).

Should you have any difficulty finding a licensed immigration adviser or complaining about one, you can contact the Immigration Advisers Authority directly. The Authority is responsible for licensing immigration advisers, receiving complaints and taking action against those giving immigration advice without a licence.

Engage someone who is exempt from the license requirements

You can also seek immigration advice from people who are exempt from the requirement to hold a licence.


To get a visa or green card you need the right lawyer. Here are ways to keep the cost down

With the new complexities and restrictions of the U.S. immigration system, it has become more challenging for immigrants to move through the legal immigration process.

Across all sections of immigration laws and regulations, the U.S. government is requiring increasing evidence that immigration benefits applicants meet strict eligibility requirements

So it’s more important than ever to get expert advice from a lawyer who has experience, has seen similar cases and knows what is going to be convincing to the government agency, the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), making the decision.

“First and foremost, an individual has to feel comfortable with the lawyer and with the relationship you are going to have with the lawyer, because you are going to trust and rely on this person,” said

“It’s very important for people to understand they are hiring the lawyer, the lawyer works for them, they are the boss, and if they are not happy with the service, they should tell the lawyer, and they are entitled to work with the lawyer,” he added.


Prepare The Following Things When Meeting With Your Immigration Lawyer

If you are new to the United States and looking to either gain a temporary work visa or to become a citizen, then it is important to deal with an experienced immigration lawyer. An attorney will be able to help you navigate the complicated court system and the sometimes confusing court documents that come with them

Narrow down your options

There is a vast array of visa options depending on your desired end result. For example, there are more than 20 different types of visas for temporary nonimmigrant workers, but they can be limited. There are also 480,000 family-based visas available each year, along with only 140,000 visas per year for employment-based immigration. It is important to go into the meeting with your attorneys knowing what outcome you would like to achieve.

Bring any relevant materials

This means writing down any information that could be relevant to your case, including things like why you left your country, if you have a sponsor in the United States, or if you have any witnesses if you have a criminal case on your hands. Make sure to include copies of any immigration paperwork you may have like your birth certificate, any visa applications you have completed, and any documents given to you when you entered the country.

Feel free to bring a translator

If you are worried about your speaking skills, go ahead and bring a trusted speaker with you to the appointment. If you check ahead, your immigration lawyer may speak your native language or have a paralegal who can help translate as well.

Be forthcoming

It is important to share with your lawyer every detail you have about your case, good or bad. American lawyers are bound by attorney-client privilege, and they could lose their right to practice law by disclosing the information you provide. Being completely transparent will also help you in the long run.



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