Choosing The Right Personal Injury Lawyer

Things to Consider When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Hiring a personal injury attorney is not a decision to take lightly.  The need for a personal injury attorney often comes during a very stressful time in one’s life; you have been injured or grieving the sudden death of a loved one.  Hiring the right attorney can make the process much less stressful and ensure a larger recovery of your damages. The best personal injury attorney is the one that fits your individual needs and whom you trust. Before you hire anyone, here are some important things to consider.

  • Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer: Ask your family and friends for their recommendations, they may know of a personal injury attorney.  If so ask what they thought of the services the attorney provided them. Another excellent source of information is the internet, search online for attorney reviews or to see if the attorney has had any grievances filed against him or her.
  • The Lawyer’s Experience: Personal injury law is broad in scope.  Types of personal injury cases include automobile accidents, bicycle accidents, products liability, worker’s compensation, slip-and-fall, maritime injuries, etc.  A specific area of law may have unique issues which could potentially effect the outcome of your case.  Hiring a personal injury attorney with lack of experience in your specific types of matter could potentially affect your case.
  • References: Potential lawyers will proudly display positive reviews for a job well done. Ask if the lawyer could give you a list of past clients so you can call them as references.  When speaking with references ask if they will briefly talk to you about their case and how the attorney helped them.  Ask the reference what they liked and did not like about the attorney, the more questions and information gathered the better.
  • Statute of Limitations: Statute of limitations limit the amount of time that an injured person can bring a lawsuit. Depending on the type of case you may have little time to file suit to recover for your damages.  If the statute of limitations has passed on your case you may be forever barred from seeking recovery for your injuries.  It is important that if you are injured you seek the advice of counsel immediately.
  • Contingency Fee Agreement: Depending on the value of the case most personal attorneys provide representation on a contingency fee basis.  This means that there are no legal fees without a monetary recover in your case either through settlement or trial.  Typical contingency fee agreements are negotiable but often range from 25% to 33%.  It is important to determine whether the contingency fee will be calculated before or after expenses.

Another consideration is a tiered contingency fee agreement.  A tiered contingency fee agreement could be following: 25% if the case is settled before the complaint is filed; 33.3% if the complaint is filed. Talk to the attorney and discuss what contingency fee options are available to you.

  • Cost of Litigation: Depending on the type of personal injury matter, the costs to prove your case could be very high. Types of costs include expert witnesses, filing fees, depositions, and travel expenses.  Talk to the attorney about who will be responsible for these costs should you lose the case.

Another consideration is whether the attorney can financially support your case.  Products liability and medical malpractice cases can be very expensive depending on the facts and circumstances of the case.  You want to ensure that the lawyer you hire is financially prepared to handle these costs.


Know What a Personal Injury Lawyer Does

First, make sure that you’re aware of what “personal injury” is in a legal context. Not all lawyers are the same! If your sister has gone through a divorce, for example, the lawyer she used may have been a matrimonial or family lawyer, not a personal injury lawyer. Lawyers generally specialize in a particular area of law.

Personal injury attorneys, not surprisingly, specialize in personal injury. Specifically, that means that they specialize in cases involving injuries, wrongdoing, or harm done by one party against the other. The party doing the injury, wrongdoing, or harm can be an individual (such as someone who caused a car accident in which you were injured) or an organization (such as a company that manufacturers defective products, one of which injured you).

The following are specific categories of personal injury:

  • Auto accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bike accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Boat accidents
  • Premises liability (injuries, harm, or wrongdoing in buildings or property)
  • Nursing home negligence
  • Defective products
  • Dog bites


What should I expect from my personal injury attorney?

A client should expect professionalism, knowledge, experience, compassion and understanding. The client should expect their lawyer to have the financial resources necessary to handle the case for as long as it takes. The client should expect their lawyer to have the ability to negotiate a fair settlement, but also the ability, demeanor and skills necessary to litigate the case and go to trial if necessary. The client should expect consistent, easy, and direct communication with their lawyer. The client should expect their lawyer to have the time and ability to sit down and discuss any aspect of the case so that all questions and concerns are addressed.


Interview several personal injury lawyers: ask them these questions…

I have never seen a personal injury attorney in South Florida who does not offer free consultations.

There is no rule saying that you cannot get as many consultations as you want before hiring an attorney.

While I doubt anyone actually has the time or patience to consult with dozens of attorneys, most people have the time and energy to speak with at least three.

You should be asking these questions:

  • Are you speaking with an attorney or a paralegal, investigator, or case manager?
  • If you hire the lawyer, will you get their cell phone number?
  • How many cases does the lawyer have?
  • Will the lawyer be handling the case or a staff-member?
  • Where is the lawyer actually located (not just where they advertise their location)?
  • Will the lawyer meet with you in person? If so, how often?
  • Will the lawyer come to you or does he or she want you to come in to their office?
  • What is the lawyer’s plan for your case?
  • How long will your case take?
  • Can you meet and speak with an attorney before signing a fee agreement?

NOTE: The most important question anyone should ask a potential personal injury lawyer is: what is their average case settlement value? It doesn’t matter what their biggest verdict or settlement is or how much money an entire firm has made over the past twenty-five years. The vast majority of cases are average and the lawyer’s average settlement value across all settled cases is the best way of taking the temperature of a lawyer’s skill. That said, good luck getting a lawyer to commit to telling you their true average settlement number.


Be Prepared to Discuss Attorney Fees and Court Costs

Most personal injury attorneys across the nation, including those right here in NYC, work on a contingency basis. This means that their attorney fee depends on the outcome of your case. A fee is only paid if the lawyer recovers a settlement offer or verdict in your case. In New York, there are strict laws that govern how personal injury attorneys can charge for their services. It’s important to broach this subject and have the attorney explain to you – in plain meaning – what you’ll be expected to pay, and when.

The Lawyer Might Not Take Your Case

Again, just because you’ve scheduled a free consultation and discussed your accident with an attorney doesn’t mean that they’ll agree to take your case. Common reasons for this include:

  • The attorney has a conflict of interest
  • The statute of limitations for your case has expired
  • Your injuries are minor and the projected recovery is too small
  • Your case has been rejected by several other local attorneys, and that’s a red flag
  • You share too much responsibility for your accident and injuries, or
  • The attorney doesn’t regularly handle cases like yours
  • The fit just isn’t right.
  • If a lawyer doesn’t want to take your case, they might offer to refer you to another law office that might be able to help. If they don’t, don’t be afraid to ask for one.

Benefits Of Hiring A Good Immigration Lawyer


a distinguished law firm with offices across the United States. represents thousands of employers and individuals across the United Stated and around the world. has over forty immigration lawyers and paralegals covering the full spectrum of immigration services

Help employers sponsor foreign-born employees for work visas and green cards and assist them in complying with I-9 requirements as what to do when they receive a Notice of Inspection from the government.

assist individuals in getting E-2 treaty investor visas, H-1B professional visas, J waivers, L intracompany transferee visas, O visas for persons of extraordinary ability, P visas for athletes, artists and entertainers, R visas for religious workers and various other types of temporary working visas.

immigration lawyers help clients get green cards through employment, marriage, relatives, investment and asylum. also assist them in becoming citizens of the United States through naturalization or through their parents.

assist clients in obtaining green cards as EB-1 priority workers for persons of extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers and multinational executives and managers. also help them to qualify under EB-2 category as persons of exceptional ability, through national interest waivers or through PERM applications as advanced degreed professionals. assist clients in getting green cards in the EB-3 category through PERM or for those who qualify under one of the Schedule A shortage occupation categories.


Getting immigration advice

Complete the application form yourself

You can choose the visa you need using the Immigration website and complete the application form yourself with the information provided by Immigration

Engage a licensed immigration adviser

You can engage a licensed immigration adviser to assist you with your visa application but they must have a current licence.

Before engaging an adviser, check the register of licensed immigration advisers to make sure the person you are engaging has a valid immigration adviser licence. Check the licence expiry date and type of licence (some advisers may only be able to advise on limited areas).

Should you have any difficulty finding a licensed immigration adviser or complaining about one, you can contact the Immigration Advisers Authority directly. The Authority is responsible for licensing immigration advisers, receiving complaints and taking action against those giving immigration advice without a licence.

Engage someone who is exempt from the license requirements

You can also seek immigration advice from people who are exempt from the requirement to hold a licence.


To get a visa or green card you need the right lawyer. Here are ways to keep the cost down

With the new complexities and restrictions of the U.S. immigration system, it has become more challenging for immigrants to move through the legal immigration process.

Across all sections of immigration laws and regulations, the U.S. government is requiring increasing evidence that immigration benefits applicants meet strict eligibility requirements

So it’s more important than ever to get expert advice from a lawyer who has experience, has seen similar cases and knows what is going to be convincing to the government agency, the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), making the decision.

“First and foremost, an individual has to feel comfortable with the lawyer and with the relationship you are going to have with the lawyer, because you are going to trust and rely on this person,” said

“It’s very important for people to understand they are hiring the lawyer, the lawyer works for them, they are the boss, and if they are not happy with the service, they should tell the lawyer, and they are entitled to work with the lawyer,” he added.


Prepare The Following Things When Meeting With Your Immigration Lawyer

If you are new to the United States and looking to either gain a temporary work visa or to become a citizen, then it is important to deal with an experienced immigration lawyer. An attorney will be able to help you navigate the complicated court system and the sometimes confusing court documents that come with them

Narrow down your options

There is a vast array of visa options depending on your desired end result. For example, there are more than 20 different types of visas for temporary nonimmigrant workers, but they can be limited. There are also 480,000 family-based visas available each year, along with only 140,000 visas per year for employment-based immigration. It is important to go into the meeting with your attorneys knowing what outcome you would like to achieve.

Bring any relevant materials

This means writing down any information that could be relevant to your case, including things like why you left your country, if you have a sponsor in the United States, or if you have any witnesses if you have a criminal case on your hands. Make sure to include copies of any immigration paperwork you may have like your birth certificate, any visa applications you have completed, and any documents given to you when you entered the country.

Feel free to bring a translator

If you are worried about your speaking skills, go ahead and bring a trusted speaker with you to the appointment. If you check ahead, your immigration lawyer may speak your native language or have a paralegal who can help translate as well.

Be forthcoming

It is important to share with your lawyer every detail you have about your case, good or bad. American lawyers are bound by attorney-client privilege, and they could lose their right to practice law by disclosing the information you provide. Being completely transparent will also help you in the long run.



Full-Service Immigration & Corporate Law Firm

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How To Find The Best Divorce Lawyer For Your Case


Going through a divorce is one of the stressful experiences that anyone can ever undergo. The experience can even be worse when the other parties are not willing to cooperate. In such cases, working with marriage chancellor alone will not be enough. You will need to work with a good divorce attorney to be able to work through the whole experience successful.


When it comes to matters to do with law, the experience is very critical. Lawyers who have been in the legal world for a long time are placed in a better position to win any case. This is because they have gathered enough knowledge and skills from past encounters and they can, therefore, use it to win any case under the sun. A well experience attorney is an essential resource when it comes to getting a divorce from your spouse successfully.


Another essential quality that a good divorce attorney must possess is an excellent communication skill. When presenting your case before a court of law, communication plays a significant role. Therefore, if your attorney cannot communicate effectively, then it merely means that it will be hard for you to win the case. When talking to your attorney, one of the things that you are supposed to pay attention to is their communication skills. If they are not impressive, the best thing to do is to walk away from them.


When going through a divorce, the stress can be overwhelming, and this simply means that you will not have enough time to follow your lawyer. A great divorce attorney understands this, and this is why they will make themselves available for you. If you find that your potential attorney has many cases out there, then the chances are that they might not have enough time for your case. This is dangerous because they might not be able to prepare appropriately.


It is also to work with a divorce attorney who has a good reputation. The only way an attorney can earn a good reputation is by proving to their clients that they have the ability to win cases. This can be established by reading online reviews.

How to pick a good divorce attorney

Does it really matter who my attorney is?

Going through a divorce or custody battle is an extremely intimidating and overwhelming experience. It is very common to feel alone and lost throughout the entire process. The average person may have no idea what family law is or what rights he or she may have. It is important to examine how to pick a divorce attorney. This is why it is common for someone to find an attorney to help him or her through his or her case. However, far too often, clients choose their attorneys based on cost and friend recommendations and fail to hire a qualified attorney- the results can be disastrous.

I am sure many of you have heard the classic line, “I have a friend who is a lawyer. I am sure they could help you for really cheap.” What that friend forgets to tell you is that their lawyer friend is a criminal defense attorney, who has only had three family law clients in the last ten years of his legal practice. You end up meeting with the attorney. He seems very knowledgeable and willing to help you. You end up retaining him to begin your divorce process.

Does your attorney help prepare you?

The attorney drafts all your initial documents. Everything appears fine. You do not question anything, because you assume he has done his job. Little do you know, the attorney has forgotten to include your request for spousal maintenance in the initial petition. Your spouse is now off the hook, and you are without financial support. Further, you show up to your final hearing completely unprepared. Your attorney never showed you the exhibits he was using or what the opposing party was using. He practiced questioning with you for 5 minutes before the hearing, and he focused more on your expressions than what you say.

Is cost the most important factor?

A big factor in choosing an attorney for many people is the cost associated with it. Many clients may think that it does not really matter who their attorney is, as long as they have one. They all went to law school and passed the bar exam, so how bad can someone really be? Unfortunately, it can be really bad. This does not mean that a cheaper attorney is worse. In fact, many lower cost attorneys are excellent.

Choose someone who specializes in family law

Always be careful in who you decide to represent you in family law matters. Make sure to find someone who knows what they are doing, and is not simply in it to make a quick deal off of you. Be very cautious of attorneys who practice in other areas. Always ask, if meeting with an attorney outside of family law, if they have litigated any family law cases, and how many.   If you don’t, you may end up with a result you are very unhappy with.

Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is often referred to as a dissolution of marriage. It is a court judgment that legally ends the marriage and usually divides the marital assets and property.

Uncontested Divorce: Key points

In the case of an uncontested divorce, the couple agrees on all vital matters relating to the case, including custody, child support, and visitation, along with property division among others. There must be a “total agreement.”

In an uncontested proceeding, the two parties can file a joint petition (one of the necessary forms needed for the proceedings) alongside a copy of their written and signed agreement. The required paperwork and the necessary instructions are provided by the State of Missouri to enable you to successfully file for dissolution. This option reaches a resolution quickly, as the parties do not have to go through the potentially prolonged process of reaching decisions with the help of mediation or lawyers.

Details about Contested Divorce

The materials provided by the state are for “uncontested dissolutions without complicated issues;” if you are likely to be facing a contested divorce, there are many other factors involved

In a contested case where both parties are unable to come to a mutual conclusion on alimony, the division of debts, support for their child, custody, and similar family law issues, the circuit court will make such decisions for them. This option usually prolongs the divorce process and is more expensive. It is, however, the best way to ensure that both parties get to present their case, as well as any evidence.

How To Choose The Right Divorce Lawyer

Choosing the right lawyer for your divorce can feel a bit overwhelming. There are lots of attorneys, but they are definitely not all the same.  Some do not practice family law at all, so you certainly do not want someone inexperienced to help with your case. Others may be too aggressive or not aggressive enough for what you need.

How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer

There is no mathematical formula or system on how to choose a divorce lawyer. Instead, you should do your research, set your expectations, and ultimately go with whom you think will work best for your needs.

Understand What Your Divorce Lawyer Does

Although some lawyers are great at listening to why the divorce happened and addressing some of your emotional problems, please understand that dealing with your pain, anger, sadness, or frustration with your soon-to-be-ex-spouse is not their role.

Set Realistic Expectations for Your Lawyer’s Role

While there are certainly some aspects of that process that are unavoidably emotional, it is part of your lawyer’s job to help you focus on the logical facets of what is happening and your long-term goals.

ecide What Kind of Divorce Process You Need

This may seem like an odd decision to make—but it is an important one! You need to decide whether you think your divorce is going to cause an all-out conflict, you can work everything out, or if you need a little help to get everything resolved.

Choosing the right divorce solicitor

Everyone going through a divorce wants to emerge on the other side in the best position possible. The best way to make sure this happens is to instruct a quality solicitor. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start looking.

A good family solicitor will have an excellent word-of-mouth reputation. Try talking to friends and family who have already been through the process. They will be able to tell you stories about firms and lawyers who gave good service and help you avoid those who did not. Even in the digital age, word-of-mouth still carries a lot of weight, especially when it comes from people you know and trust

Has a solicitor been recommended by the Legal 500? Although recommendations from people you know are very helpful, the Legal 500 can give you a more overall sense of a solicitor or law firm’s quality of service. So if advice from family and friends has not helped as much as you would like, this is a relatively safe barometer of quality.

Be mindful of solicitors who keep looking at the clock during your first appointment. This is not a promising sign. A top quality solicitor will care about your case and give you their full attention. If they are checking the time during your first appointment that should tell you how much they value you as a client

Be wary of solicitors who do not give you a straight answer. This is especially true when it comes to questions you may have about costs. It is a very important part of the divorce process so it is natural to wonder how your finances will be resolved. If your solicitor cannot give you answers within a qualified range of parameters, you should reconsider having them advise you.

Can The Best DUI Lawyer Get The Charges Dropped

Steps to Find the Right DUI Lawyer

More than 1.28 million drivers were arrested in 2012 for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.1 This is an arrest rate of 1 for every 165 licensed drivers in the United States. While a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) arrest is a stressful event for anyone to undergo, it is important to face the situation head on and be as prepared and informed as possible. Hiring an experienced DUI attorney can help take some of the stress away. An attorney can help determine whether to plead guilty or take the case to court. If the case is especially complicated an attorney can help navigate the complex legal system.

All states have DUI laws that deem “per se intoxicated” any driver with a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) above a set limit (now .08 in all states). Additionally, the state may charge the individual for violating more than one law. A DUI attorney can help better understand the charges against you and advise the best way to proceed with your case

A DUI can have an immediate impact on your day-to-day life. It can affect your driving privileges, your employment, and it may even mean possible jail time. As such, it is necessary to find out your options as soon as possible.

Come Up With a List of Potential Attorneys

There are a number of resources out there to help you in your search for the best DUI attorney. By seeking out personal recommendations and researching National Associations and State Bar Associations you can start filling up your list with some great attorneys to meet with. Like most major decisions in life, you will want to do your due diligence and research your options before choosing the right DUI attorney.

Personal recommendations: A good place to start your search is by soliciting personal recommendations from people you trust. A recommendation from someone who previously used the attorney’s services is probably the best way to go. Your trusted friend or colleague can give you some good information about the overall process, how the attorney performed, and what the outcome was. You can also get an idea of what the total costs were in the end. Keep in mind that not every DUI case is the same and the information you receive from your friend is subject to change based on the facts of your case.


When you are facing a DUI charge you have a lot on the line. Your reputation, criminal record, driver’s license, even your freedom are all at stake. You need an attorney that has experience and specialized training on your side. DUI law is an ever changing area of the law with continually evolving case law, complex scientific testing devices and voluminous data and law enforcement training manuals available. In short, there is a lot of information to know and apply when it comes to properly defending a DUI charge

National College of DUI Defense:

College Members represent the most experienced DUI Defense attorneys in the county. The National College of DUI Defense is an invite only non-profit organization aimed at improving the criminal defense bar and to educating the public about DUI defense law as a specialty area of law practice

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Certification:

DUI defense lawyers that have participated in this training are certified to administer and interpret the standard filed sobriety tests to NHTSA standards. Less than 1% of practicing attorneys have received this specialized training. The NHTSA program is the exact same program that law enforcement officers take. The certification takes 21 classroom hours to obtain and encompasses in depth training on the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) Test, Walk and Turn Test and the One Leg Stand Test.

Science of Breath Testing Course Certificate:

DUI defense attorneys that have participated in this course have spent time working with the equipment law enforcement uses to administer breath tests on drivers suspected of DUI. If your lawyer has participated in this training then they have an advanced knowledge of how breath test machines work, what faults the machines have, what maintenance the machines require and what protocols an officer must follow to correctly administer the test.

American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys:

Members of the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys have received advanced level training on the strategies that win the most DUI cases at trial and are also used to get DUI cases successfully resolved for the defense prior to trial. Members of the American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys also have access to the resources and tools that are used to win and successfully resolve DUI cases. The resources and tools AAPDA members have, only a very small percentage of DUI attorneys have access to and use including law enforcement manuals, testing protocols and validation studies.


No matter what type of legal issue you are facing, you always have to be smart about it and hire a professional lawyer to help you out. Of course, depending on the issue you need to hire a lawyer who has the most experience in that field. That’s why when you are facing some DUI charges you should hire a private DUI lawyer who has a lot of experience.

The one thing that you have to be careful when hiring a private lawyer is to find one who has a lot of experience and who is considered to be a good lawyer. A lot of people don’t understand how to find a good lawyer, well I can help you out with that because I had some previous experience


Definitely, the first thing that you want to follow when searching for a good DUI lawyer is the reputation. If you have ever wondered how to find a good DUI lawyer, we will give you all the information that you need. People never think about having a lawyer ready at all times, they go searching for one when it is time to deal with the issue. Depending on the penalty you are facing, you might not have a lot of time to spend on searching, so you better be prepared at all times and find yourself one now.

If you want to hire a good DUI lawyer, you have to ask other people and search online to see if they have a good reputation or not. This way you can easily point out which lawyer is good or not. This method will save you a lot of time, money and stress.


One of the important things that you have to be careful with when hiring a lawyer is to make sure that you hire one that you can actually afford. In order to avoid having to deal with a situation where you cannot pay the lawyer, you have to first ask him how much does he charge.

Questions to Ask When Interviewing a DUI Attorney

The secret to finding a good attorney is in the questions you ask before you hire one. If the police have recently arrested you for driving under the influence, or DUI, of alcohol or drugs, you need to find a good DUI attorney. This article can help.

The criminal justice system moves a lot faster than a civil lawsuit would. You need to find a DUI attorney quickly. Asking the right questions will help you do that

Many attorneys are willing to meet you briefly to introduce themselves and discuss your case. This is where you can conduct an interview to see if you have found the right lawyer for you

This article will suggest a number of questions. Do not feel obligated to ask them all, but pick and choose among them. You may even add some of your own as you see fit.

After you get the name of a DUI attorney or two, call to set up an appointment for that first meeting. Your goals for this meeting are to:

Learn about the DUI attorney’s background and experience

Discuss your options and possible strategies

Most importantly, determine whether this is the lawyer you want representing you

DUI Law: How To Choose the Right DUI Lawyer

So you need a good DUI lawyer but aren’t sure what you should be doing to get the best deal for the drink driving offense you’re facing? What are some of the things you need to do – and who are some of the lawyers you can check out to see who might be best for you?

DUI Legal Fees

You can’t tell what any lawyer might charge for handling DUI cases, but watch out for the high up-front cost that is followed by a guilty plea at the end of the day.  Similarly, you need to watch out for a low up front charge, followed by an endless progressioin of fees for the work.

Make sure you have an agreement showing exactly what you are getting and how much you’re paying.  Remember that you should not need to pay fees for precedents and law that is resolved and known from other cases.  Your “case” for a good defense also rests upon having an experienced attorney who has handled DUI cases and appeals, rather than someone who needs to research every legal point.

The Lawyer’s Reputation

Make sure you do some checking about the drunk driving lawyer’s reputation by asking about, doing some online checking.  Find out what sort of reputation he or she has with the judiciary and the prosecutors, which can be vital if you are seeking the best possible result for the charges  you face.

DUI Knowledge

Ensure your lawyer knows exactly what you’re likely to be receiving in terms of penalty.  Does he or she know the sentencing options for the locality where you’re going to go to Court?  Do they know the options and requirements?  Do they know the criminal and sentencing guidelines that need to be followed? You need local knowledge here.

How To Find The Right Immigration Lawyer

Tips to Choosing an Immigration Lawyer

Build a Relationship with your Attorney

Your visa is the first step to being able to legally live in the United States. It is also the first, but, more likely, not the last time you’re dealing with USCIS office. If all goes well, you will soon be applying for U.S. citizenship. This is why it is important that you build a good relationship with your attorney, so that he or she can serve you to the best of his or her ability in the future when you are ready to take that step forward.

Hire a Lawyer Who Speaks Your Language

Pick a lawyer who speaks your language fluently. This greatly streamlines the process and ensures that you and your lawyer are always on the same page in terms of understood legal nuances. The lawyer would also be able to make sure that the certified translations of your documents from your native tongue to English are accurate.

Upload the Process to the Cloud

Adopt a cloud file storage for the documents you need to submit with your case file. Sign the documents electronically and employ a project management system to manage the process such as Asana and Google Drive.

Tips to Choosing an Excellent Immigration Lawyer

Get a Referral

Often word-of-mouth is the best way to choose an immigration attorney. Your network of family, friends or colleagues may know other individuals who have dealt with immigration attorneys in order to acquire a green card residency visa or other benefit. You can learn firsthand about the kind of experience the individual had when working with the immigration attorney.

Asking for References

After you’ve been referred to a good lawyer, schedule a consultation where the lawyer strategizes his/her plan of action for your individual situation. Be sure to ask for references. A good immigration lawyer should have great online reviews (Google, Yelp, Avvo) and an abundant list of happy former clients willing to recommend the firm’s services.

Consider More than Just Price

Don’t blindly choose an immigration lawyer based on pricing. Like many things in life, you get what you pay for. There are plenty of sub-par immigration attorneys out there offering reduced pricing versus the competition. Some may be handling too many cases at once and don’t have a proper team to dedicate quality time and personalized service to your case. Others may not have the proper experience in complicated areas of immigration law.

Hiring a Lawyer Who Speaks Your Language

Choose a lawyer (and a firm) which speaks your language fluently. This improves communication throughout the process and ensures that you and your lawyer are understanding complicated legal nuances.

Build a Relationship with your Attorney

A visa is your first step in being able to legally reside in the United States. It may be the first, but likely not the last, time you’re communicating with the USCIS.

How to Find an Excellent Immigration Lawyer

Compare Advice By Talking to More Than One Attorney

While most good immigration attorneys will likely be pretty busy, you should be able to talk to them and their office staff to get a sense of their commitment to clients as well as their overall demeanor and impression of honesty.

Be Skeptical of Unrealistic Promises

Not even the best attorneys can guarantee success. Ultimately, the outcome of your case is up to an immigration judge, the Department of Homeland Defense and/or USCIS. Any attorney claiming he or she has a 100% success rate and guaranteeing you a particular outcome may need to be more closely evaluated.

Run From Lawyers Who Give Unethical Advice or Make Illegal Offers

Be careful of any immigration attorney who suggests that you do something fishy: perhaps lie on an application or to a USCIS officer, give the attorney extra money with which to bribe an immigration authority, or buy a fake green card from him or her.



It’s a good idea to look for a lawyer who is comfortable and capable of using the cloud in place of excessive physical paperwork. Paperless signing can make the entire process much easier.


In addition to the more technical aspects of looking for the best immigration lawyers, you should also take into your gut instinct into account. If a lawyer doesn’t seem like he would be a good fit for you but his credentials look great on paper, you still may want to turn the other way.


Before you hire a lawyer, it is important that you know exactly what you will be paying for. You should take the time to negotiate the fees ahead of time and know exactly what to expect from your relationship.


If you’re considering using a lawyer, chances are you will sit down for a consultation to discuss your needs. This is a great time to ask the attorney for references.

How Do I Choose the Right Immigration Lawyer?

First of All, Beware Unregistered Advice

Before you do anything, make sure your immigration lawyer or migration agent is in fact registered.

What’s the Difference Between Migration Agents, Immigration Lawyers, and Accredited Specialist Immigration Lawyers?

Right then: you’re going with a registered immigration lawyer or migration agent.

What Are Migration Agents?

Originally there were just immigration lawyers. However, a few decades ago, due to a burgeoning number of unregulated “backyard” advisers in the industry, the government decided it would be better to bring such operators under their control by creating a non-lawyer category of adviser called a “migration agent”, sometimes also referred to as an “immigration agent”.